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Providing Clean, Soft Water throughout the Home and Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Working Water: The tap water brought into the home from the city has been treated with Chlorine in order to kill off any dangerous bacteria. The amount of Chlorine required to make the water look clean and clear can very depending on a myriad of variables. Additionally, the water may be "Hard" which can cause hair and skin to feel itchy and dry as well as having the effect of reducing the expected life span of any appliance or pipe, toilet, sink, etc. that it touches.

The Solution: The Nuvis Water Treatment System which treats all of the working water thoughout the home. This includes the water used in showering and bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes and even when washing the car!

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The Result: Showers and baths that leave your skin, hair and nails soft. Laundry cycles will come out with whiter whites and clothing will last approximately 15% longer (according to a Purdue University study).  All appliances that use water will perform better and last longer without the reddish brown residue collecting inside (dishwashers, laundry machines and hot water heaters). Even the car wash will dry spotless!

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The Solution: The five stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System is capable of filtering 50 gallons of tap water into fresh, clean tasting drinking water in one day.

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Bottled Water

Overview: Your body is made up out of 80% water and you can only live a few days without this precious, life giving substance. Many people are dehydrated on a regular basis and remain unaware that their bodies are crying out for water. However, the quality and therefore the source of the water are of utmost importance in order to maintain optimal health.

Optimal Choices for Water: The most convenient method is to filter your own tap water at home, instead of exerting the effort required carrying cases or 5 gallon jugs of water back from the grocery store. Additionally, the risk associated with Bisphenol A and Phthalates, resulting from PVC and plastic bottles, are reduced greatly.

Actual source of your bottled water: Since the EPA requires that bottled water need not be held to a higher standard than tap water, we need to look at the source of the bottled water that is sold. Approximately 40 % of all bottled water comes from tap water. So not only may you be drinking all of those chemicals (chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, disinfection products and even prescription drugs) which you were attempting to avoid but you may also be increasing your intake of Bisphenol A and Phthalates from using the bottles. Furthermore, you may be accelerating the amount of BPA when leaving bottled water out in the sun, as well as increasing the risk of Dioxin.

Health Conscious people: like to carry water filtered from home in either a glass or steel bottle in order to assure a safe supply on the go.

Environmental Impact:  Bottled water has become increasing destructive to the environment with 67 million bottles being tossed aside each day. Despite the best of efforts, only about 10% of them get recycled. This is all not to mention the transportation costs which are immense in order to bring these heavy loads of filled liquid containers to the grocery store and then home.

Summary: African women, on average, spend about five hours per day seeking out clean water and bringing it back to their villages. If you are like most Americans, you have indoor plumbing in your home. So, why are you purchasing and transporting bottled water from the grocery store to your home?

*Source; Dr. Mendola, January 15, 2011 Article: "This Everyday "Healthy" Beverage Poisons your body one swallow at a time."